Odoxia is an international company active in e-commerce, based in the Netherlands. For the time being, we are mainly present on Amazon, where we sell our products. Through Amazon we can reach a lot of people with our great products. Our goal is to become an established brand within Amazon. We want to be known as a brand that has high-quality products at a fair price. In addition, we also want to support the environment through products that are environmentally friendly. In this way we all contribute to the world we live in!

Odoxia was founded by two young entrepreneurs who have the ambition to be interesting to the entire population with a wide range of products. We do this with our products that make your life easier and more fun! We are currently mainly active in the United States, England, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. But you can order our products all over the world!
We are currently active in three categories: Beauty and personal care, home and kitchen and baby. In the short term, more products and categories will be added to serve you even better. Take a look if there is something for you!

Team Odoxia