Photo Booth instructions

Wondering how to set up your new Photo Booth? Watch the step-by-step instructions in our assembly video.
When you want to store the booth again, scroll down and watch our disassembly instructions video.

Assembly Instructions

1. Open the frame up to the middle section. Push the upper part of the frame on each side until you hear a click.
2. Cover the frame with the roof. Secure it on all sides with the Velcro strips.
3. Open the frame completely. Push each leg down until you hear a click and the frame is set into position.
4. Attach the three walls to the roof with the Velcro strips. Then, secure all the walls together with the zippers.
5. Attach the door opening and secure it with the zipper.
6. Now, you can optionally add the door. You can roll it up according to your preference.

Disassembly Instructions

1. Remove the door and the walls. Open the zippers and detach the Velcro strips.
2. Unlock the middle locking mechanism for all four legs.
3. Lower each leg up to the middle section.
4. Remove the roof by detaching the Velcro strips.
5. Unlock the lower locking mechanism for all four legs.
6. Lower the legs down and close the frame.