Retail Display Case Assembly Instructions

Need some help? Scroll down and watch our assembly video.

Assembly Instructions

In your package, you should receive:

4 shelf panels
2 side panels (right and left)
3 back panels
6 separators
30 long screws
6 short screws
36 nuts
1 screwdriver
1 wrench
8 anti-slip rubber pads

Step by step instructions:

1. Begin by attaching the side panels to the bottom panel using the short screws provided. Ensure the panels are aligned properly before securing them in place.

2. Next, add the back panel to the assembled structure and secure it with the short screws.

3. Slide in the horizontal panel and secure it with the screws to further strengthen the frame of the display case. Make sure to use the longer screws for this step so that the shelves are well secured.

4. Repeat the assembly process for the remaining two shelves, following the same step of sliding in the horizontal panel and securing it tightly with the short screws.

5. Finally, slide in the shelf dividers to create separate compartments for organizing and displaying various retail and consumable products within the case.