Retail Grid Assembly Instructions

How to set up the Grid

Wondering how to set up your new Retail Grid? Look at the images below to see the simple instructions.

Need some help? Scroll down and watch our assembly video.

Step 1:
Attach the wheels to the legs by twisting them
into place. Ensure one leg in each pair has a
brake while the other does not, and make sure
the brakes on both wheels in each pair are
aligned on the same side.
Step 2:
Insert the bottom two panels into the legs.
Please pay attention to the installation
direction of the two panels as shown in
the picture.

Step 3:
Secure the legs and the panels with the
triangular-connectors and bolts.
(A*3, B*1, C*3)

Step 4:
Insert a bolt through the lowest holes in the
middle of the panels. Please refer to the
picture below and note the direction of
the bolt.

Step 5:
Insert the next panel and tighten it with the
bolts on the sides. Please note that the bolts
should be tightened from the outside
towards the inside.
Step 6:
Align the middle sections of the panels by
adding a rectangular-connector. Please ensure
the installation direction of the
rectangular-connector matches the picture.
Step 7:
Tighten the parts from the previous step
with the bolts.”

Step 8:
Repeat the process until the last panels
are secured!

Assembly Instructions