Exercise Ball Holder Instructions

Wondering how to set up your new Exercise Ball Holder? Scroll down and watch the step-by-step instructions in our assembly video.

Assembly Instructions

1. Connect three pipes together to create a long pipe. Repeat the step for the remaining three pipes.

2. Insert the long pipes into the holders.

3. Attach the black knobs at the end of the tubes to keep them in place.

4. Use the wrench to screw the small bolts into all four ends of the tubes to secure their position.

5. Insert the medium black bolts into the holder on both sides to create the perfect angle. Your exercise ball holder is ready to be attached to the wall.

6. Drill four holes into the wall.

7. Insert the drywall plugs after cleaning the holes.

8. Use the remaining screws to attach the holder to the wall. The assembly is done!