Bakery Display Assembly Instructions

How to set up

Need some help? Watch the Bakery Display video below and follow the step-by-step assembly instructions! Everything you need is included in the package!
Scroll down and watch our assembly video.

Assembly Instructions

1. Attach the two side pieces to the bottom piece.

2. Flip it over and attach the top piece to the two side pieces.

3. Connect the back piece to the bent parts of the top and bottom components.

4. Align the two doors, one by one, at the front and use the mini screws to connect the hinges to the side pieces. Ensure that the magnets in the middle are aligned.

5. Attach the door handles.

6. Slide in the trays.

7. Use the black labels and the white marker to put a price on your products.

8. Use the serving tong to organize your delicious treats on each tray.

Package includes:

Top piece, slightly bent
Bottom piece, slightly bent
Back piece
Side pieces x2
Doors with hinges x2
Trays x3
Black labels x6, marker, and a serving tong