Cat Wheel Assembly Instructions

Need some help? Watch the Cat Wheel video below and follow the step-by-step assembly instructions! Everything you need is included in the package!
Scroll down and watch our assembly video.

Assembly Instructions

1. Align the support panels with the pre-drilled holes in the curved panels and secure them with screws or bolts.

2.  Attach the support panels one-by-one. Each curved panel has slots for 3 support panels. To finish the skeleton of the wheel, attach the rest of the curved panels to the other side of the support panels, one by one

3. Once both sides are completed, use the connector plates, and further secure the curved panels tightly together with the short screws.

4. Attach the wheels to the rotational supports. Then, attach the rotational supports to the designated areas on the inside of the base supports, ensuring the wheels can spin freely.

5. Lift the assembled wheel and place it between the base supports.

6. Carefully align and press the strips onto the wooden panels, placing them along both edges where the running surface will adhere

7. Starting from one end, gently press the mat onto the Velcro strips on the wheel, smoothing out any wrinkles or bubbles as you go.

8. Locate the pre-drilled hole on one of the rear base supports. Use the tension screw to attach the brake block. Locate the running support panel and slide the brake block into the slit.