Sensory tent instructions

How to set up the tent

Wondering how to set up your new sensory tent? Look at the images below to see the simple instructions.

When you want to store the tent again, scroll down and watch our folding instructions video.

Folding Instructions

1. Make sure the door is open so that no air is trapped inside.
2. Take out the top poles.
3. Flip the tent so the door is facing upwards.
4. Press your knee on the lower side of the tent and push that side down and in to fold the tent in on itself.
5. Make sure the steel rods are under the door as you fold them in. The tent should now fold in half.
6. Tuck the top and bottom material in. Flip the tent over and make sure the bottom is facing your knees.
7. Use your right hand to push the bottom right corner towards the upper left corner.
8. Holding down the first fold with one hand, use your other hand to fold in from the left and then right. Do these folds with a slight twisting motion so that the tent folds into small circles on top of each other.
9. You should have a small circular shape that fits into the case.
10. Your tent is ready for compact storage.

Sensory Tent 90cm

Sensory Tent 120cm