Sensory Canopy Assembly Instructions

Need some help? Scroll down and watch our assembly video.

Assembly Instructions

1. Take the tent out of the bag and unfold it.
2. Attach the rope to the top of the canopy.
3. Attach the adhesive to the ceiling.
4. Attach the tent to the hook by the provided rope.
5. Adjust length if necessary.
6. Fix the circle at the base if necessary.
7. The sensory canopy is ready for use!

Folding Instructions:

To fold, take the canopy off the hook on the ceiling.
Fold the walls of the canopy between the two bases and the top circle and flatten it as much as possible.
Align the two circles and fold it in half.
Now take one end of the folded circle and push it inside the half-circle.
Hold the edges together and try to flatten it again.
Then simply take the bag and put the folded canopy back into it. Now it is ready to be stored away!

Sensory Tent 90cm