Sensory House Assembly Instructions

Need some help? Scroll down and watch our assembly video.

Assembly Instructions

1. Unpack the items and spread them all out.
2. Separate the different poles by size.
3. Use one connector to attach two poles together.
4. Attach all same-sized poles together until you get 15 pairs:
     – 4 A-pairs
     – 4 B-pairs
     – 2 C-pairs
     – 5 D-pairs
5. Use two D pairs and two C pairs to form the base.
6. Use four B pairs to build the walls.
7. Attach two D pairs to complete the walls.
8. Use four A pairs and one D pair to complete the roof.
9. Unzip the cover and put it on top of the base.
10. Fix the cover around all corners of the frame and pull up the zipper at the bottom of the house.

The tent is now ready to be used!